Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dear Future Reader(s),

Welcome. I hope you will enjoy the time you spend here at this blog. I know I will. It'll be a scrapbook of sorts for me - of all the projects that I try to cram into my sometimes hectic life. {But oh, do I love my hectic life!!}
Let me introduce myself. I am Megan; you can call me Meg. I have a couple of jobs that keep me busy in the real world and I am also a wife, mom, daugther, sister, friend, etc. that keeps me busy the rest of the time. I am married to the cutest, sweetest, most supportive guy around and have the most adorable little girl (we hope to have more kiddos just as cute as her someday).
I have always enjoyed being creative. Both my parents are crafty people in their own ways. My mom and dad can make anything! I am so lucky to have some of their creative genes. Creating things relaxes me. It's a part of me that I can't ignore. I can 'feel' when it's been too long since my last project... I start to get ansy and I've just got to make a mess doing something. Oh, yeah - me and messes... lets just say I LOVE MESSES! (making them that is, I don't enjoy cleaning them up as much - but few people do right?)
I am so grateful for my family and their willingness to let me indulge myself in this crafting addition that I have. They don't complain when the living room is a mess, the dishes are un-done, the clean laundry is still in the baskets waiting to be folded or when they have to fend for themselves for dinner cuz I'm crafting! I am truly blessed. Couldn't do any of it without them. But don't feel too bad for them... I promise, they are often the beneficiaries of my projects. Our little girl is freakin' spoiled, is all I have to say... it's so fun to make cute things for her and I love the stage she's at where she thinks it's fun to have Mommy make her things. I'm dreading the day when I'm no longer ''cool'' to her.
Well, enough about me. Onto the blog - I hope to share on this blog, my creations. I'll be honest, not all are things I come up with. I get 'inspiration' from all over. I love cruising blog-land and seeing all the fun stuff all the other crafty ladies are up to. They are amazing! I'll admit, I copy. If I see somethig cute out there - of course I gotta try and make it for me, right? However, I do try and give it my own spin. I'll try and give credit, if I know/remember where I saw the idea... but please forgive me if I can't. Feel free to copy any of my ideas too... that's what this blog is here for. I hope it gets your 'creative juices' flowing.
Oh yeah, and the name of this blog ("Look What I Can Do") comes from that gloriously funny character off MadTV - gotta love little Stewart! He cracks me up. If any of you have children (like me)  you know how they love to show off and I'm sure I am not the only one who has heard a little one come running so excited to show off something and exclaims, "Look What I Can Do!". {whenever I hear that, I think of goofy-Stewart and my sister who imitates him sometimes... ha ha... oh man, too funny!!} So here ya go, here's my new blog - all about showing off what I can do, and what you can do too!