Saturday, August 13, 2011

Jewlery Holder

 Got this at D.I. the other day... It a shutter painted red white and blue and decorated Americana-ish... I had other ideas for it for my cute little sister's bday present (she's kinda got ALOT of jewlery... so a cute way to store and display it was what I was hoping for).
 The pictures aren't great, but you'll get the idea.
I cut out 5 of the "panels" from the middle of the shutter. Painted everything black. Modge-podged scrapbook paper to the top and bottom pieces. Roughed up all the edges with a nail file. Hot glued a piece of plastic canvas stuff  to the empty space in the middle (where the slats were before I cut them out). Framed the canvas with some dowels, which were cut, glued, painted and roughed up). Added screw-in hooks to the bottom slats. And covered the whole back with brown paper to look more professional-finished-art-work-y. It already had the picture hanging hardward installed on the back, or I would have installed one. 
 And looky-see here... a cute jewlery holder (necklaces and/or bracelets can hang on the hooks, and earrings can hang on the top):