Saturday, December 24, 2011

Retro - Remake

My parents have this sa-weet high chair from when we were kids...metal frame, padded seat, metal tray... classic! Well it was yellow and old and dirty and didn't really go with their current kitchen decor.
I needed a Christmas present for my Mom that wouldn't break the bank since I'm trying to watch the budget these days {and heck, truth be told - it'll benefit me too, since I won't have to haul a highchair for my little guy to their house when we go for family dinners! two birds. one stone. oh yeah, baby} ... anyways, I asked my Dad if he'd dig it out for me and if I could remake it.

Here's what we started with... it's not bad, but gonna get better....the foam inside the seat was in really good condition so I didn't replace it... and the cute black fake leather I got from NPS for a steal of a deal ($3.99 a yard and 50%off that. I totally felt like a criminal)
 Oh and check out the sweet print I found under the yellow layer (that my parents had recovered it with once before)... awesome huh?
 See, told ya! I LOVE how it turned out! To be honest, I wish it was going to live at my house.... but it'll look great at Grandmas! {especially with my little guy in it!}

Oh and another perk of this project... I totally learned how to use a staple gun. I know, a bit pathetic that I'm just now being introduced to MY NEW BEST FRIEND! As soon as my hand recovers from using the staple gun, I'm gonna staple me up something else!

(supplies needed: a highchair, fake leather, staple gun)