Friday, October 7, 2011

New Bathroom Decor

When I decorated my bathroom I was never totally in love with one wall... and the problem was that was the wall that was the biggest/emptiest wall (only the towel rod was on that wall) and it was directly across from the toilet... so lets face it, that's the wall people spend the most time looking at. I originally had 3 small, brown, square frames and pictures of our family and of course the towels were arranged cute on the rod below. It looked fine. But there was still alot of white wall showing and it bothered me.
One day I was perusing my local DI and I came across these 3 rectangular frames. I knew I could come up with something for my bathroom. A little green spray paint, some cute scrapbook paper, modge podge and clear spray paint to seal it did the trick. Add a little ribbon and they were up and I was much happier with the bathroom.
Another bonus - it was a little chilly outside when I spraid the clear spray paint to seal the project... and it made the green paint "crackle" ... I totally LOVE how it turned out! I think the crackle mistake makes the project that much cuter!!

when i get my bathroom all clean and tidy I'll have to give y'all a tour of the rest of it... I love the Brown, Turquoise and Green all together. Quite the color combo, I know... but I think it's adorable!

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