Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Love Notes

 We've had a "mailbox" before for Valentine's day - where Cupid would leave notes of praise and/or rebuke, treats and prizes for The Child for a few weeks before Valentine's Day{that actually worked really well in the discipline area, just fyi}. But after seeing how much she LOVED our Christmas Advent Calendar, that was filled with notes to each other and candy,  I really wanted to make something that we could again leave little notes for one another.

I found this cute little mailbox at Target for $1 {can't beat that right?!} and with the help of a little paper, rub on letters and ribbon we ended up with a cute little mailbox to leave "LOVE NOTES" for each other. I also have a gazillion tiny envelopes that I scored at NPS one day - and The Child loves putting things in envelopes, so of course she loved the whole concept of this.

It's so fun to get "mail"... at any age... and definitely fun when the mail you get is a Love Note.

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